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Welcome to Bobcat Gold! How ready are you for your next bill, your next adventure or your next money decision? Are you thinking ahead, or are you putting out fires? With the proper coaching, education and a little work on your part, you can take charge of your financial future. Click on a link below to get started!


Everything money. Topics, tools, and courses for you, your money, and your future!

Financial Coaches

Speak with a FREE financial advisor--they are the pros. Make an appointment today!

Your Loans

Know what you owe! Keep track of your student loans here.

Additional Resources

Financial Assistance

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Bobcat Cares – Assistance to help students affected by the pandemic.

Emergency Funding Assistance – Available through the Dean of Students.

Short-Term Loan – Can help with your school-related expenses.

Emergency Loan – For help when you can’t make the down payment on your tuition & fees bill.

FAFSA – To apply for federal and state grants, work–study and student loans.

FAFSA Video – 7 Easy Steps to completing the FAFSA.

TASFA – Apply for financial aid as a non-citizen, Texas resident.

BOSS – University or external scholarships can help with your educational costs.

Graduate Funding – funding opportunities for graduate students.

Funding Database – database with funding opportunities for graduate students.


Campus and Community Resources

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Bobcat Bounty food pantry – Here to help, or maybe you can give us a hand.

211 Texas – Health & Human Services can connect you with food, health and housing services.

Hays County Food Bank – Here to help if you need food or want to volunteer.

Government Benefits – A questionnaire to discover the right benefits for you.

Round Rock Serving Center – Can help with food, clothing and more.

Resource Guide – In case of an emergency.

Planning for Your Success

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Brilliant Bobcats – Where you can find a workshop for all parts of college life.

CAFE – Can help juniors and seniors transition to a career and beyond.

Career Exploration – Find out what your future job will pay (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

How to Repay Your Loans – Save money by knowing how to repay your federal student loans.

Annual Credit Report – How safe is your credit score? Visit to find out.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Resources that can help protect your life.

Articles and Podcasts

index cards sitting on a table

The Index Card

All you need to know about making good financial decisions can fit on a
3 x 5. Just ask professor Harold Pollack of the University of Chicago. Check out an interview and his book The Index Card.

podcast microphone on a desk

You Need A Budget

A weekly podcast to help you get out of debt, save more money and beat the paycheck cycle.

dollars acting as crops in dirt

Let Your Money Grow

Becoming a millionaire is possible, but it takes dedication, persistence and time. Grow your financial future! Check out this easy step. The trick is to keep at it.