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Welcome to Bobcat Gold! How ready are you for your next bill, or your next adventure, or your next decision? Are you thinking ahead? Or are you putting out fires? With the proper coaching, education, and some moxie on your part, you can take charge of your financial future. Click on a link below to get started!

Everything money. Topics, tools, and courses for you, your money, and your future! 

Speak with a FREE financial advisor--they are the pros.  Make an appointment today!

Know what you owe! Keep track of your student loans here. 

Other Resources

PACE is where education and careers come together for Freshmen.

Brilliant Bobcats is where you can find a workshop for all parts of college life.

CAFE can help juniors and seniors transition to a career and beyond.

The Index Card

Picture of a Dollar Sign Drawing

All you need to know about making good financial decisions can fit on a
3 x 5. Just ask professor Harold Pollack of the University of Chicago. Check out an interview and his book The Index Card.

Love and Money

I know...they are cute and having a pet companion is a wonderful experience. But do you have all of the resources you need to keep them and your wallet happy?

Let Your Money Grow

Becoming a millionaire is possible, but it takes dedication, persistence and time. Grow your financial future! Check out this easy step. The trick is to keep at it.