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Release of Information

In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our students (as federally required under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act—FERPA), Financial Aid and Scholarships will only respond to requests for student-specific financial aid information after verifying the student’s identity as follows:
  • Emails—Identity is verified via email being generated by a student’s Texas State email address. If the student has not yet established a Texas State email account, the request must be generated from the email address listed on the student’s FAFSA application.
  • Service Counter—Identity is verified via an official picture ID (i.e., Texas State student ID, driver’s license or passport).
  • Telephone—Identity is verified by asking the caller to answer two (non-directory information) questions.
You may consent to a third party (e.g., your parent or spouse) having access to your financial aid records. To do so, you may:
  1. Grant Online View-Only Access
Visit Texas State Self-Service at After you login, select the Proxy Access tab at the top. Once you complete the setup information for your parents (or spouse), they will be sent an email instructing them how to logon and view your aid information.
  1. Grant Phone or In-Person Access
Visit and on the right-hand menu select Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Then select, complete and submit the Grant Access to Student Record Form. Be sure to give your parents (or spouse) the verification word you indicate on the form and check the box for Financial Aid Records.