Pathway Program

Congratulations on becoming a Texas State University - Austin Community College Pathway student. As a Pathway participant, you can apply for financial aid. Your combined enrollment at both institutions will be used to determine your aid eligibility. The processing of your aid will be administered by the office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Texas State University. To receive financial aid, in addition to meeting the requirements of the Pathway Program, you must:

  1. Meet the financial aid eligibility requirements at Eligibility to Apply.
  2. Apply for financial aid at Texas State via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Use our school code (003615) when submitting your FAFSA.
  3. Submit in a timely fashion all documents requested by our office.
  4. Review Maintain My Eligibility so you understand what you must do academically (in addition to meeting the Pathway Program requirements) in order to remain aid eligible.

Once you are awarded aid, or if additional documents must be submitted to complete your file, we will notify you via email. If you have any financial aid questions, please contact us.

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