Aid for National Student Exchange

Texas State offers a variety of National Student Exchange destinations to students of all majors and areas of interest. If you are interested in an exchange program, you should first visit National Student Exchange. Once you have selected a program, it is important that you are prepared financially to study away. For possible assistance in covering some of the costs, you may want to consider applying for financial aid.

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  • To receive financial aid, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. To view these criteria, visit Eligibility to Apply (Undergraduate or Graduate).

  • The process to apply for financial aid for national student exchange programs is the same as when taking courses on campus. To apply for financial aid, visit How to Apply (Undergraduate or Graduate).

  • U.S. Federal Financial Aid applies to BOTH Plan A & Plan B payment plans.

    Plan A Payment: (Pay HOST institution their in-state tuition & fees)

    • Apply/receive financial aid from HOST institution ONLY
    • Update your FAFSA form with HOST institution code found on the host campus's NSE Profile Page
    • Some TXST grants and scholarships may not apply to this payment plan

    Plan B Payment: (Pay TXST 15 credit hours of tuition & fees)

    • Apply/receive financial aid from Texas State ONLY
    • Apply for aid as you would any other semester to TXST
    • To receive your full aid, you must only register for academic advisor-approved courses applicable to your degree (as found on your NSE Academic Advising Agreement form provided after placement)

    Important Note: Please keep in mind that completing the financial aid process does not guarantee you a financial aid award. It is your responsibility to provide the necessary funds to cover your program costs.

  • The financial aid disbursement process for National Student Exchange is the same as for courses taken on campus. For more details about receiving your financial aid, visit Receive My Aid (Undergraduate or Graduate).