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B-On-Time SAP

If you are interested in renewing your B-On-Time Loan, you must do so by completing your renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We prefer to have a processed FAFSA on file by March 15th.

In addition to meeting the general eligibility requirements for the B-On-Time Loan, you must also meet the B-On-Time Loan’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain your eligibility. Failure to do so will result—according to state regulations—in your no longer being eligible to receive the B-On-Time Loan.


Renewal Eligibility Requirements



Completion Rate

Max. Hrs.

After 1st Year

Texas State GPA: 2.0

67% of attempted hours

(must complete at least 24 hours)


After 2nd Year

Cumulative GPA: 2.5

75% of attempted hours



Completion Rate

To determine your completion rate for the B-On-Time Loan, total the number of hours you completed during the evaluation period (i.e., fall and spring). Then divide that number by the total number of fall and spring hours for which you registered to determine if you meet the 67% completion rate. Keep the following in mind when calculating your completion rate.

Hours that count as attempted but not completed are:

  • F or U
  • PR (progress)
  • W (withdrawal)
  • I (incomplete)
  • Repeats excluded from your GPA

Hours that count as attempted and completed are:

  • A through D
  • CR (credit)
  • Repeats included in your GPA

Evaluation Period

Your B-On-Time Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated at the end of each academic year (i.e., end of spring), regardless of whether you received financial aid for that period.

Appeal Process

If you have become ineligible to receive a B-On-Time Loan due to your not meeting the B-On-Time Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, you can file an appeal. The appeal must demonstrate a true hardship that you experienced during the period of poor academic performance. Examples of hardships include, but are not limited to, a severe illness or responsibility for the care of a sick, injured or needy person. You may also submit an appeal if you cannot enroll full-time due to a required student teaching or internship program. To appeal, you must submit a letter of explanation, as well as documentation of your hardship, to Financial Aid and Scholarships.