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Scholarships are money that you do not need to repay, and you can stack scholarship awards and/or combine them with financial aid up to the cost of attendance. Scholarships are usually based on your academic and extracurricular achievements. They may also take into account your intended major, your financial need and other factors.

Any scholarship or combination of scholarships awarded by Texas State cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

Find out more about scholarships for students like you:

Graduate students: please visit The Graduate College funding site to learn more.

Scholarship Options

Bobcat Online Scholarship System (BOSS)

Search and apply for university and external scholarships in the BOSS system, including scholarships specific to your college, major or area of interest. You can also find information on eligibility and requirements. Some scholarships may require a separate application.

Access BOSS to search and apply for scholarships ›

College and Departmental Scholarships

Some scholarships are awarded by a specific college or academic departments. These scholarships may require a different application outside of BOSS. For information regarding scholarships awarded by your college or academic department, be sure to visit their scholarship web page. You may also contact the appropriate dean and/or chair’s office.

Terry Foundation Scholarships

The Terry Foundation awards full-ride scholarships, renewable up to four years, to incoming freshmen. They also award substantial scholarships, renewable up to three years, to incoming transfer students.

Learn more about how to apply as a freshman.

Outside Scholarships

If you get a scholarship from outside Texas State, you and the donor or organization will need to coordinate with our office to make sure that your funds are received timely.

Get more information about outside scholarship processes ›

External scholarship opportunities are available for students to view within BOSS. These types of scholarships are offered by a variety of external companies, which are not affiliated with Texas State University.