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Receiving Outside Scholarships


  1. Outside Scholarship Donor Form
  1. Required Donor Action
  1. Required Student Action
  1. Receiving My Scholarship Funds
  1. Enrollment Verification


Required Donor Action

Your donor should:

  • Send us your scholarship funds well in advance (per below schedule) in order to have the funds processed and available for you to apply toward your registration bill. To guarantee scholarship funds are available to apply toward your tuition bill prior to the payment deadline, funds must be received in our office according to the below schedule:

    • Fall semester – August 1st

    • Spring semester – December 1st

    • Summer semester – May 1st

  • Make the scholarship check payable to Texas State University.
  • Mail the scholarship check with a cover letter (including your name, student ID number and disbursement instructions) or Outside Scholarship Donor Form to:

Financial Aid and Scholarships
J. C. Kellam Building, Suite 220
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78666-4684


Required Student Action

If you’ve been awarded a scholarship from an outside donor, congratulations! As soon as you learn the great news, let us know.

Your donor may send us your scholarship check made co-payable to both you and Texas State. If so, we will contact you to come to our office and endorse the check so that we can begin processing your scholarship funds.

We prefer that your donor send us your scholarship check. If your donor mails the funds directly to you, you are required to notify us immediately. This measure will ensure you are in compliance with federal and state regulations and reduce the chances of your having to repay other types of aid (for example, grants and loans).


Receiving My Scholarship Funds

See Receive My Aid--Undergraduate.

See Receive My Aid--Graduate.


Enrollment Verification

Your donor may require that you provide proof of enrollment prior to mailing Texas State your scholarship check. Typically, you can provide your donor with one of the following:

However, if your donor requires an official enrollment verification document, you will need to contact the University Registrar's Office.