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  • Census is the date on which the university’s enrollment is finalized for a semester. It is the 12th class day of each fall and spring semester and the 4th class day in July for the summer semester. All hours and majors are considered frozen on this date for financial aid purposes.

  • For financial aid purposes, your aid eligibility is based on the courses that count toward your degree. The courses considered to be counting toward your degree are based on both:

    • Your enrollment as of the semester census date
    • Your major, minor and concentration (as defined in your curriculum record) as of the semester census date.

    If on the census date your enrollment status (e.g., half-time, three-quarter time, full-time, etc.) is lower than what you previously indicated to our office, your financial aid cost of attendance will be reduced and prorated based on your actual enrollment. Such a reduction may result in your becoming ineligible for financial aid that you have already received. As a result, you will be required, as set forth by federal regulations, to repay the aid for which you are no longer eligible.

    Repayment of funds may happen after you have received your financial aid disbursement. Please be aware that if you have already received a refund, you may be responsible for using that refund to pay any university charges on your account.

    So be sure your enrollment is correct by the census date. Also, make sure your major, minor and concentration are correct well before the semester census date.

  • For questions about any refunds once the aid has been applied to your student account, please contact Student Business Services at 512.245.2544 or visit Student Business Services' Refund Information webpage.

  • To receive your financial aid, you must meet all eligibility requirements as listed on Eligibility to Apply (Undergraduate or Graduate) and complete all the requirements specified on the Financial Aid tab of Texas State Self-Service. If these requirements are met and your aid is ready for disbursement, it will be moved to your student account with Student Business Services no earlier than ten calendar days prior to the start of classes. Any aid available after that point will be moved to your student account within 24 hours of it being ready for disbursement.

  • Financial aid that is ready will also disburse 10 days prior to the start of your courses provided you are enrolled in at least a half-time status (in courses that count toward your degree as with fall and spring). As in previous summers, however, your enrollment status will not include those courses for which you have registered but not yet begun (i.e., those courses that start at a later date).

  • The financial aid disbursement process is the same as for courses taken on campus. The availability of your aid (based on federal disbursement rules) does not affect your payment due date. For payment due date information, visit Student Business Services.

  • Your enrollment status (i.e., full-time, half-time, etc.) for financial aid purposes is determined by the number of hours in which you enroll and that count toward your degree during a semester. To determine the enrolled hours that equate to a particular enrollment status, visit the University Registrar’s Office (see the chart at the bottom of the page). Please note that post-baccalaureate teacher certificate students adhere to undergraduate enrollment status determinations.

  • Remember, if you are enrolled 10 days prior to the first day of classes, and any day thereafter, your financial aid for that semester (if available for disbursement) will be moved automatically to your student account with Student Business Services. If you decide not to attend Texas State University prior to the start of classes, you must withdraw through the University Registrar’s Office. If you do not withdraw, you will be considered enrolled and responsible for the repayment of all or a portion of your financial aid due to such issues as your withdrawing from the university once classes have begun, failing to earn at least one passing grade during a semester, etc.

  • For questions about completing your registration payment, please contact Student Business Services at 512.245.2544.

  • If your lender does not use EFT (electronic funds transfer), you will have to pick up your paper loan check at Student Business Services (student ID required) within 21 days of it first being available. We are not—under federal regulations—allowed to release your funds until ten days prior to the start of classes.