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Financial Aid and Scholarships


  • Complete your 2016-2017 or 2017-2018 FAFSA.
  • If you have already completed the 2017-2018 FAFSA, we anticipate sending you a request for additional information (if needed) in late November. We then plan, provided your aid file is complete, to send you a 2017-2018 financial aid award notice in mid-January.

  • Financial Aid Refunds – Student Business Services issues your financial aid refunds. For more details, visit the Student Business Services’ Refund Information webpage.

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 Welcome to Financial Aid and Scholarships

Each year, we help over 25,000 Bobcats finance their education. We offer a variety of assistance including grants, work-study, student and parent loans, scholarships and nonresident tuition and fee waivers. Regardless of your financial resources, attending Texas State is possible. If you need assistance, Financial Aid and Scholarships is here to help.

Please remember that many financial aid award packages cannot meet all of your costs while you are attending Texas State University. So it is very important for you to manage your financial resources wisely and be prepared to pay for at least some of your costs out-of-pocket.


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